VirtualTone In Compliance With Kari's Law

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VirtualTone In Compliance With Kari's Law

September 19, 2016

VirtualTone, a telecommunications company that is based in Houston, Texas, announced this past week that its phones and voice services are ready to comply with Kari’s Law.

Kari’s Law, as TMC had noted earlier this year, came about as a result of tragedy. Previous to Texas Representative Louie Gohmert’s writing of the bill, Kari Dunn was murdered in her hotel room while her daughter tried to dial 911. Local Austin news coverage from KXAN said Dunn’s daughter was unable to contact emergency services because she did not realize that she needed to dial “9” before dialing the “9-1-1” number.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed Gohmert’s bill into law in 2015. It took effect on September 1 of 2016 and now requires all organizations with multi-line phone systems to provide direct access to emergency services without the dialing of “9” to escape a local calling network. VirtualTone has complied with the law and says it is now proud to remain in line with the law’s specifics.

Dunns’ father, according to KXAN, began a push for the passing of this law after the incident. He is reported to have traveled the country to speak about the death of his wife and the changes he wished to be made to multi-line systems. In his travels, he recorded the ways in which hotels said patrons could dial to emergency services. Notably, he remarked in 2014:

“Some hotels we stayed in say dial 6821 for emergency,” he said. “Toss a coin, you do not know.”

With this law attached to such a tragedy, it is no surprise that VirtualTone is happy to be in compliance with the change. The alteration of multi-line systems can be expensive for organizations, so there are waivers in place to allow businesses extra time to make these changes. For any companies that have yet to switch, they may be looking to telecommunications companies to assist with the transition, and VirtualTone will want to be there in those situations. Its early compliance in this matter may even provide it a boost in business because the need to switch will be a weight on all businesses that call Texas home.

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