New itel Phone Offers Call Recording

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New itel Phone Offers Call Recording

September 12, 2016

It looks like September is the month of new phones. itel India, which is owned by Chinese mobile phone manufacturer Tanssion Holdings, launched their new phone on Thursday at Rs 1,610 (about $25 U.S. dollars). The fast-charging, smart keypad phone is called it5311. It offers customers the ability to talk for two hours after an impressive 10 minutes of charging with a 1900 mAh battery.

Not only is the ability to talk for two hours after only charging for 10 minutes exciting, but the phone itself looks good too. The GPRS/Edge-enabled dual-SIM smart keypad phone is available in a metallic brush finish and has a 7.1cm (2.8 in) display. Much like the iPhone and Android, this phone also offers better protection for your personal data due to its privacy lock feature.

itel is also providing exciting JAVA games and social media like Facebook and Palm Chat. The phone emphasizes inclusivity by providing multi-language support, which is beneficial in such a diverse country as India. Thus, it supports Hindi, Punjabi, Gujarati and English.

These additions are reflected in a statement from Sudhir Kumar, CEO at itel India, who said, “We make constant endeavors to bring path-breaking innovation and invention even in the feature phone space.’it5311' thrives on the same conviction.”

One of the ways in which itel is working to bring path-breaking innovation and invention to the table is through its call recording capabilities. The phone enables users to save important conversations with its free call recording option. This will make lives much easier, as people will be able to record important personal and business conversations alike. This means no more struggling to remember what was said on the phone, or quickly scribbling down notes while taking a call on the go.

That’s why, although the phone has several advancements that sets it apart from other feature phones, call recording is arguably the most important. Even popular smartphones like iPhone and Android do not automatically offer call recording capabilities, if at all. The feature is a free component of the new phone, making it an inexpensive way to improve calling experiences. 

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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