drupe Call-Recorder Facilitates On the Go Calls

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drupe Call-Recorder Facilitates On the Go Calls

September 08, 2016

In today’s world, people are always on the go. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an employee who works remotely at home, a salesperson constantly driving around, or someone just on the way home from work, taking calls when you’re away from the office is almost always a pain. It’s practically impossible to remember every aspect of a phone call from memory alone, no matter how many notes you manage to scribble down. Without that handy office phone recording feature, valuable pieces of information can be forgotten. drupe, an Android contacts and dialer app, is looking to solve this problem with their free new built-in call recorder.

The drupe contacts and dialer experience allows people to easily communicate with others. It is integrated with several communication apps—WhatsApp, SMS, email, calendar app, Facebook Messenger, video calls, Google Maps, Waze, Skype, Line and many more— all on one screen. All you need to do is drag and drop a contact onto the desired app icon to start talking, texting or navigating.

drupe has been adding a growing list of “one swipe interactions,” so it’s only appropriate that the new call-recorder is also so simple to use. When making a call, the call-recorder is instantly activated from within the main drupe screen. All you need to do it drag a contact to the “call + recorder” icon. Likewise, incoming calls can also be recorded by tapping the record button that appears at the top of the phone screen.

Having the ability to record calls from your mobile device can be a serious game changer. This feature is perfect for someone like my sister, who spends all day driving around making sales and has to pull over and break out her notepad every time she receives an important business call. With the drupe integration, my sister, and others in the same situation, can easily record calls and go back to them for reference later. This is also ideal for people who work remotely, as it’s more difficult for them to conduct business calls since they often don’t have access to the same call recording technology available in the office.

While this is an exciting new feature that is almost guaranteed to make people’s lives easier, keep in mind that being on mobile doesn’t change the fact that you should always let someone know when they’re being recorded. In some states, recording someone without their knowledge is against the law—I’m looking at you, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. So just remember that apps like this are best used for professional reasons, and to always let the other person know when they’re being recorded. If used correctly, drupe can help alleviate the struggle of taking business calls on the go.

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