Agile Cloud Releases Cloco Cloud-based Call Center

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Agile Cloud Releases Cloco Cloud-based Call Center

August 23, 2016

Agile Cloud develops cloud-based communications software for businesses. It took this past week to announce its most recent release, Cloco, a new IP-based private branch exchange (PBX) that runs in the cloud and offers clients a full set of call center tools.

Cloco seeks to offer businesses an easy way to get started with an inbound call center without forcing clients to setup their own PBXs on on-site hardware. That task can be difficult for even the most experienced IT administrators, but beginning a contract with a cloud service is as easy as connecting a single computer to the Internet. Agile Cloud CEO Fujio Mimomo commented on this reality in a statement provided for the official company announcement of Cloco this month.

“Customers have invested in PBX, call center software, and hardware to launch a new call center. We offer all needed systems as a cloud service,” Mimomo said. “Customers can use a full set of inbound call center functions without PBX if they have a PC linked to the Internet. This means customers can reduce [capital expenditure] using Cloco. For outbound, we will launch additional functions soon.”

Mimomo’s statement makes it clear that Cloco has some limitations. The primary limitation is that, as of this writing, the service only supports inbound calling. For early adopters, this could place them in a bind where outbound calling is either contained as a different company service or else moved to personal employee devices. Agile surely hopes that this limitation will not last long and that clients will be able to maintain the disparity until outbound calling support comes to pass.

For now, inbound calling in Cloco does contain many features that businesses would be happy to have. It offers clients call routing through an interactive voice response system, recording of all calls, support for individual and group calls, web-based chat and reporting that makes use of a full history of inbound calls.

Agile mentioned that support for outbound calling is expected to arrive before the close of 2016. The company also expects to make enhancements to its features such as the IVR and call router before the new year makes its first appearance. This will be a busy time for Mimomo and company as they join the host of global competition that are helping businesses of all types move their operations to the cloud.

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