CallCabinet's Atmos Receives Award from TMC

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CallCabinet's Atmos Receives Award from TMC

August 23, 2016

Call recording solutions are being used to monitor productivity, settle dispute resolutions, deliver good customer service and meet regulatory compliances. However, the way in which the services are delivered prices out many small businesses, which is why CallCabinet has a pay-as-you-grow (SaaS) business model to address the different needs of organizations with its Atmos platform. This type of flexibility and a comprehensive call recording solution has led TMC to give the Atmos its 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award.

?As a global media company focusing on the telecommunications industry, TMCnet supports clients' goals by building communities in print, online and face-to-face as well as producing recognized annual trade events to showcase the latest technology in ICT. The recognition of the Atmos platform by TMC highlights the innovative technology and delivery model CallCabinet in order to provide the service to a large customer base.

The CEO of TMC, Rich Tehrani, said just as much: “Atmos is truly an innovative product and is amongst the best solutions brought to market in the past twelve months that facilitates business-transforming voice, data and video communications. I look forward to continued excellence from CallCabinet in 2017 and beyond.”

 Atmos is a flexible, cloud based and quality management system designed to simplify the recording of calls, as well as archive and retrieve the record with a flexible HTML 5 web-based portal. In today's highly regulated environment, it is just as important to be able to retrieve the recordings a company makes as it is to record them. If an audit takes place, regulators demand the content to be available within a certain period amount of time, and breaking that deadline will result in a violation that could be costly.

The SaaS delivery of Atmos can be deployed in companies with as few as three users and scale up to thousands of employees. It can also integrate with a wide range of communications systems and devices readily available in the market place, including Microsoft Skype for Business, Asterisk, Broadsoft and others.

Ryan Kahan, CEO of CallCabinet, said, “Atmos continues to make waves in the call recording market raking in its sixth award in less than a year. Its flexibility, scalability, lower cost point and flexible billing are proving to be real benefits for customers who are increasingly needing secure and compliant call recordings.”

In addition to the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award, CallCabinet was also the recipient of the "Best in Show" award at the ITEXPO shows in Miami, Anaheim and Fort Lauderdale.

Khan added, “We are delighted with the TMC award  as it once again demonstrates that our Atmos product is not only changing the way that calls are recorded, but that it also directly reaches the multitude of customers looking for compliant call recording solutions in the market today.”

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