Call Tracking Solutions Offer Valuable Business Insights and Metrics

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Call Tracking Solutions Offer Valuable Business Insights and Metrics

August 22, 2016

We hear a lot about analytics and business intelligence (BI) in the communications realm, particularly as they apply to big data and other huge repositories of aggregated information. Call analytics, also known as call tracking, is perhaps even more important for a business but not nearly as hyped as BI and data analytics.

Call tracking software and services provide vital information about a business’s customers, including their specific needs, how they connected with a business and when and why they decided to contact that business. Software and services typically record information about incoming phone calls, and in some cases may record the entire conversation. Calls may also be associated with performance-based advertising to provide additional information about the nature of calls, and call tracking may be used for performance reviews.

Tracking can also record the digital marketing source of a call, if the caller has clicked through via a pay-per-click ad or some sort of referral. Software and services typically offer information about the caller’s number and geographical location along with the time distribution of all incoming calls. This information can be analyzed to generate reports about call details and summaries, missed calls and a host of additional metrics.

Not all call tracking solutions are created equal, however, and businesses should perform due diligence to ensure they are matched with the correct software or service. Important features for any solution include pushing real-time data about customers during a call, so agents can more effectively engage the caller. Helpful metrics could include the call source and location as well as the call date, time and duration.

Call tracking solutions should also be easily integrated with platforms like Google AdWords or Salesforce for optimum performance. A comprehensive solution should also offer customer reporting features to help businesses pinpoint problem areas and make improvements. A custom dashboard is a great resource for this type of solution, offering a central place to see calls, conversions and other important data.

Finally, an effective call tracking solution can be helpful for alleviating attribution blind spots. These occur when there is a lack of insight about where certain leads are coming from and can be a weak point for any business. Call tracking solutions can eliminate these blind spots and fill in the blanks, providing organizations with valuable information to help them close sales and generate new business.

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