Access4 Picks Dubber for Cloud Call Recording

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Access4 Picks Dubber for Cloud Call Recording

August 17, 2016

Unified communications as a service are becoming popular across the globe – particularly in the business world because they make it possible to have all the solutions and perks the larger companies with more capital can enjoy, but without all the costs and maintenance required.

In Australia, a testament to this uptick in UC solutions in the market is the choice by Access4 to use Dubber’s cloud-based call recording service.

This market, like others, is ripe for change and improving drastically thanks to the help of hosted communications.

Dubber became the top choice for Access4 because it was able to scale easily from a single user up to tens of thousands of users and particularly because it easily integrates with BroadSoft’s platform.

With Access4’s offering, SABOSS, resellers and system integrators can easily offer and design products that meet the needs of businesses of all sizes.

Computerworld recently quoted Ruy Franco, Access4’s sales and marketing director, as saying, “Dubber has a proven, seamless integration with BroadSoft and an open API platform enabling Access4’s partners to provision and retrieve call recording through SASBOSS.”

The significance behind the offering being able to integrate easily with BroadSoft offerings is great because so many businesses in Australia are using these services already.

In June we reported that BroadSoft Japan KK had gained a new set of call recording options with Dubber. 

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