Microsoft Names CallCabinet an ISV Partner

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Microsoft Names CallCabinet an ISV Partner

August 09, 2016

Independent software vendors or ISVs have access to a wide range of customers, which makes them ideal partners for companies that produce applications. For established ISVs, partnering with a large corporation such as Microsoft adds yet another product to their portfolio while at the same time making themselves accessible to a new customer base. By being appointed a Microsoft ISV partner for its Atmos Skype for Business solution, CallCabinet will now be able to provide Skype for Business customers with a compliant call recording solution that will integrate without any compatibility issues while allowing them to leverage the Microsoft cloud environment.

The development of information and communication technologies has made call recording affordable for organizations of almost any size. This has led regulators to implement rules which clearly state companies that operate in certain industries have to keep records of the conversations they have with their customers, as well as other interested parties.

Call recording has now become indispensable to help organizations meet regulatory compliances, assist in dispute resolutions, prevent reputational and brand damage, security reasons and improve staff performance.

“We've seen massive success with our Atmos Skype for Business product thus far, proving local companies are beginning to understand not only how important call recording is but also that ensuring call recording complies with stated country-specific regulations is equally as important,” said Matthew Balcomb, CEO of CallCabinet.

Atmos Call Recording is a cloud based compliant and secure call recording solution developed by CallCabinet that doesn't require additional hardware or installation services. The platform delivers complete flexibility and scalability with unlimited storage of calls in a 256-bit encrypted format.

The security measure the company has created preserves all calls in its original state with a rotating encryption system that is exclusive to each individual call. This is done to make all of the recordings 100 percent compliant with regulatory legislations across all industries. Additionally, the recordings are stored in cloud servers with multiple redundant options across geographical locations and servers. According to the company, the technology it has in place can support, “Multiple time zones, multiple recording locations and the ability to search, sort and locate calls within seconds.”

What this means for Skype for Business users is, they will now be able to record the conversations they have with a compliant solution that can easily be accessed for audit purposes at any time.

Atmos Skype for Business is available without a long term contract, allowing organizations to access the service as needed with monthly payment plans. In addition to Skype for Business, Atmos also integrates with Asterisk, Lync, Office 365 and most other telephony systems in the market place.

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