Cloud Call Recording Made Easy with SIP Print

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Cloud Call Recording Made Easy with SIP Print

August 08, 2016

Call recording is important for businesses today because it continues to provide the assurance and data they need to succeed. Everything from records of what is said on calls to data to help improve customer care can all be garnered from call recording.

Some of the issues people have had in the past with moving to the cloud include fear about losing control of their data if they hand the reigns over to someone else – or security of their information if it leaves the physical walls. But it’s actually the opposite. Cloud offerings can improve security of your data, make it more accessible and even keep you in control.

SIP Print cloud call recording offers cost effective subscription based recording that still runs at the customer premises.

Calls are recorded locally – but the searchable call information is stored in a secure cloud interface for users to search and play back as needed.

Some of the nice features include the ability to search across all sites and capture data all from one single hosted application.

So users get a balance of control and security they need as well as multisite visibility – and all at a low monthly cost.

Check out SIP Print Cloud Call Recording to see exactly how it works.

Once a user logs in, it’s right there in front of them – the list of most recently recorded calls. From there they can easily playback a call or even send it as an email attachment from the dashboard.

There is also a search function at the top of the screen that makes it easy to search recording from a specific user, phone number or date range.

For managers reviewing calls there is also an easy option for rating a call and can be useful when reporting. There is also a reporting tab in the dashboard that offers a simple way to create tables and charts with the data from calls.  From here it’s easy to then sort and shuffle the data and see things like – which users handled the most calls, the longest calls – and more.

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