ConnectLeader Improves Click Dialer with New Calling Features

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ConnectLeader Improves Click Dialer with New Calling Features

August 08, 2016

Integrated IT solutions not only improve productivity, but also eliminate issues of compatibility when products from different vendors are brought together. As organizations look for seamless integration for the way they communicate and collaborate, they want all the tools they deploy to work seamlessly. ConnectLeader, provider of B2B sales acceleration solutions, has added new features to its click-to-call system, which is embedded within Microsoft Dynamics,, NetSuite CRM and some of the other leading CRM solutions in the marketplace.

Manually dialing phone numbers is ineffective and time-consuming, especially if you have to make many calls throughout the day. The Click Dialer platform has a click-to-call system embedded in CRM solutions that makes it possible for sales agents to place 30 percent more calls when compared to manual dialing. Additionally, it allows sales teams to come together and collaborate by allowing them to take notes, leave voice messages, send email and more.

The new features in Click Dialer has tools to further improve how sales agents interact with each other and their customers with remote coaching, call recording/grading and international dialing.

Remote Coach gives managers the tools to monitor live voice calls and provide the necessary assistance to agents using whisper mode without the customer hearing what the manager is saying. For new sales agents who are undergoing training, this could prove to be a valuable tool to learn the ropes without having to do it from costly mistakes.

Call Recordings/Call Grading on the other hand allows managers to review recorded calls from sales agents and grade the conversations while making recommendations to improve their performance in the future.

International Dialing lets sales agents make calls around the world without having to dial the long digits. By simply clicking the phone number within a calling list, they are able to get in touch with their customers.

“Improving the success ratio from outbound calling is no longer just a numbers game. There is a specific science behind achieving success,” said Senraj Soundar, founder and CEO of ConnectLeader, in a statement.” “Our new Click Dialer enhancements not only make it easier for sales professionals to place calls and share data with CRM systems, the enhancements also reduce their training period with continued, constructive management feedback.”

The ConnectLeader Click Dialer is not a standalone phone dialer or power dialer solution. It is embedded within the leading CRMs so sales agent can place calls without having to manually dial numbers and view all of the relevant sales lead generation information simultaneously.

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