Versadial Solutions Updates Call Recording Software

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Versadial Solutions Updates Call Recording Software

August 03, 2016

Recording solutions are an important element for businesses today not only to manage, monitor and store conversations that happen over the phone – but even communications that happen via chat and the Web have become important.

This latest push to offer communications across numerous channels has forced recording software to work in new ways. Another way companies are finding it easy to improve operations and better manage them is with screen captures of agent screens. Versadial Solutions is staying on top of these changes and recently announced the release of version 4.7.1 of their VSLogger call recording software.

With the new release, users get an improved screen capture process and a recording replication service. This makes it possible to distribute recordings over multiple servers across the network and makes it possible to have extra redundancy.  The replication service basically creates a mirror copy of recordings and then sends them to the server so they can be accessed by users via the software interface.

Also added is a screen capture feature that makes it possible to start recording activity based on each agents PC activity. 

“With cross replication of interconnected servers, recorded calls stored in multiple copies provide a needed redundancy at a much lower price point,” said Oleg Melikhov, VP of Engineering at Versadial Solutions. “The same replication feature can be used for automatic recording uploads from multiple remote recorders to a main recorder allocated for centralized recordings access and management.”


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