Toshiba Clarify Call Recording Means Value for Customer Service Quality

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Toshiba Clarify Call Recording Means Value for Customer Service Quality

August 03, 2016

It might have seemed to some viewers like the call recording market was a little stuffed with competitors, but that's good news for those looking for call recording solutions as there are plenty of options to choose from. One new competitor has entered the fray, and with a name like Toshiba behind it, it's a safe bet that Toshiba Clarify Call Recording is ready to provide an excellent package in call recording.

Clarify Call Recording comes from the Toshiba America Information Systems' telecommunication systems division, and it's already shown to work well with other Toshiba systems, including the IPedge unified communications (UC) platform, as well as the Strata CIX with IPedge App Server system. It boasts several useful features, ranging from the standard recording to the ability to archive and search said calls for later playback. It offers a set of tools geared toward the contact center—where most of the calls will come in the first place—and even allows users to share calls back and forth, passing on the information and examples contained therein.

Since it works with mobile devices as well, users will not only be able to access that content remotely—increasingly important for a growing mobile workforce—but also be able to have calls made and received on mobile devices recorded as well. Since the UCedge client software version 2.6 runs with Clarify Call Recording, and works with iOS and Android, the most popular mobile platforms are covered here.

A layer of encryption helps keep the call content private for those who shouldn't be listening in, and thus protects the callers further. Just to top it off, there's even a software development kit (SDK) that allows for external databases or customer relationship management (CRM) tools to be brought in, providing extra value to the process.

Toshiba's system is powerful and easy to use, but it has to provide just that as table stakes to even get into the market. We've seen a lot of new call recording tools emerge even over the last two years, so Toshiba won't be alone here at all. It's going to have to break inertia to get people into its own camp, and for a lot of people, the name recognition factor Toshiba has may not be enough to get current users to throw over a system that's already in and working. Toshiba may get some new users, and may be able to get those who haven't put in such a system yet, but is that a market sufficient to power a product line?

Only time will tell how Clarify Call Recording can do in the market, but for right now, Toshiba's got a lot of work ahead of it convincing users who may well have had a solution for years in place already. 

Edited by Alicia Young

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