ASC Technologies Improves Call Recording Capabilities

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ASC Technologies Improves Call Recording Capabilities

August 02, 2016

ASC Technologies is a worldwide software company that provides solutions for recording, analyzing and evaluating corporate communications. Today, the company announced the release of its latest workforce optimization solution, neo 5.0, which will expand chat and video recording and advanced analytics capabilities for voice and screen information.

New chat recording integrations include Cisco Jabber, Microsoft Skype for Business and Unify Open Fire. Meanwhile, video recording integrations are now available for Cisco UCM, Microsoft Skype for Business and active SIP solutions. Not only that, but communications analytics have been upgraded as well. This means that sessions can be automatically assigned to predefined categories. This simplifies the search for pertinent recordings of any topic. For example, an advanced emotion detection solution may be triggered based on loudness, silence, over-talking or and pre-defined word.

With the new solution, chat and video recording is fully integrated with the software and can be combined with any other functionality. Meanwhile, according to the press release, “the new SCREENminer application automatically identifies problems in business processes based on what is happening on the agents’ screens as well as the required time and order of steps to increase productivity.”

Marco Mueller, chief operating officer of ASC, provided insight into the new solution by saying, “Our neo 5.0 product suite will enhance omni-channel recording, improve quality management capabilities and streamline process optimization. We are particularly proud of our product’s growth in video and chat recording and are continuing to develop new integrations as we speak. Moreover, we have automated many of our quality management capabilities, particularly useful for high-volume contact centers with numerous customer interactions.”

Mueller also pointed out that neo 5.0 is particularly powerful because it can be combined with other information from CRM systems. For instance, neo 5.0 exports data from the neo-database via an ETL process to make it available for external business intelligence tools for company-wide reporting. Based on how powerful and easily integrated this solution is, I think it’s safe to say that it will go a long way in improving call recording and the overall workforce.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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