Crescent Wealth's Customer Experience Gets a Boost from NewVoiceMedia

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Crescent Wealth's Customer Experience Gets a Boost from NewVoiceMedia

August 01, 2016

Every reasonable business these days wants a better customer experience. Improved customer experience increases the likelihood of return business, and return business means more steady cash flow, crucial to any business' survival. Crescent Wealth recently turned to NewVoiceMedia and its ContactWorld for Service tool set in a bid to improve its own operations, and brought in a slate of new options with it.

Crescent Wealth is described as an “...ethical-Islamic super and investments' firm,” offering its various services to clients in Australia, though it also has offices in Kuala Lumpur. With a client base that was rapidly on the rise, it was clear that its current operations weren't up to snuff, and so a new solution was required to address the steadily growing client numbers Crescent Wealth was facing. NewVoiceMedia, meanwhile, stepped in to offer its ContactWorld for Service system to give Crescent Wealth what amounted to a full contact center hub system, allowing the company to handle increasing numbers of customers.

With ContactWorld for Service, Crescent Wealth staff had ready access to a customer's interaction history with the company, all from one screen, and could even tie into Salesforce to use skills-based routing, sending customers to one particular agent depending on the need at the time. That made for less time to a solution, and better customer satisfaction in the process. A click-to-dial feature improved the internal user experience, allowing outbound calling to spend more time engaged in selling activities and the like while reducing time spent searching for and manually dialing numbers. Throw in call recording, reporting and analytics tools, and ContactWorld for Service could offer an array of customer-pleasing activities for the company.

The company takes around 10,000 high-value calls a year, meaning it's not exactly a big operation. Assuming a five day week, that means the company takes about 38 such calls a week, or less than eight every day. Though we don't know how many low- or moderate-value calls the company takes, so that could be winnowing down the available hours the company has to address the high-value user. In a case like that, being able to save any amount of time allows the company to channel it back into addressing other clients, a point which would certainly improve customer service, and from there, customer experience. Throw in analytics and call recording, and the experience stands to improve still further as requests are followed to the letter and patterns can be derived for future service offerings.

A better customer experience helps keep current customers in the fold and improves the likelihood of expanding a customer base through positive word of mouth. That's good news for businesses and customers alike. Tools like ContactWorld for Service can make all the difference, and Crescent Wealth is likely seeing this firsthand. 

Edited by Alicia Young

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