BroadSoft Gets a New Set of Call Recording Options with Dubber

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BroadSoft Gets a New Set of Call Recording Options with Dubber

June 02, 2016

BroadSoft's BroadCloud platform, along with its UC-One service, was already a major force in telecommunications for many operations, including a variety of Japanese operations. Now, BroadSoft Japan KK is stepping up its own value in the field by bringing in a new call recording platform in Dubber, a tool that should provide great new call recording options for its users.

Since BroadSoft's BroadCloud system is a complete managed service that allows communications service providers (CSPs) to offer the complete UC-One unified communications (UC) system to customers both current and incoming, it was clear that a call recording tool for such a platform would also be worthwhile. With Dubber now on board, that call recording tool can be more readily offered.

It helps here that Dubber comes with a slate of tools that most any business would consider useful, including the expected call recording tools. Additionally, there are search and storage options to keep those recordings available and usable when needed, as well as file management options. Those interested in bringing in Dubber call recording can start immediately, at last report, by just contacting BroadSoft itself.

Call recording is a vital part of operations, useful for a wide variety of companies and industry types. Sometimes it's necessary to have call recording tools on hand as a basic condition of operations, while other times, it's only useful, but so useful that it's hard to go without. Whether call recordings need to be established as part of regulatory fiat, or as part of a means to advance customer service, having a call recording system on hand that can not only make high-quality recordings but help make them accessible afterward is very important. Call recording serves as a training tool for new hires, a way to help keep current hires running at their peak, and as a means to provide the best in customer service by ensuring customers get exactly what was requested, in their own words, every time. That's a powerful tool, and having it on hand can mean the difference between the best in customer experience and one that's merely mediocre.

Companies the world over are waking up to the sheer potential of call recording, and seeking ways to put it to use regardless of the currently-used communications platform. UC providers like BroadSoft are likewise waking up to the opportunities presented by call recording, and are working hard to provide these tools to companies increasingly hungry for their use.

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