TCN Reaches New Growth Milestones, Showing Its Chops in Call Center Operations

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TCN Reaches New Growth Milestones, Showing Its Chops in Call Center Operations

May 18, 2016

Good news recently emerged for TCN, a company that focuses on enterprise-level cloud-based call center systems, as it achieved a slate of milestones illustrating its growth. With successes in mergers and customer counts, the company had plenty to be proud of, but wasn't resting on its collective laurels.

One of the biggest successes the company enjoyed was a completed merger with Global Connect, who also offers cloud-based call center systems with a focus on dialing and communications. That wasn't all, as the company recently boosted its customer base to 1,600 firms and beyond, and brought in a pair of new data centers for both Las Vegas and Calgary, increasing its range of operations.

This is good news for TCN, especially given that the cloud-based contact center market is itself expanding rapidly and is likely to continue doing so through 2020; a MarketsandMarkets report suggests that the numbers will better than triple, going from $4.68 billion in 2015 to a hefty $14.71 billion by 2020.

Plans are also in play to bring out more material for its customers to put to use, including the recent launch of a business intelligence system that served as an extension of its flagship product, Platform 3.0. With this new system, users get access to analytics and reporting tools that provide access to actionable insights using the flood of data most companies collect every day. That makes better agent performance, a more efficient overall organization, and offers other benefits besides. TCN also brought out its VocalRX system, focusing on healthcare operations and looking to provide more efficient operations, collection of revenue, and automated notification tools. TCN even has plans to help drive business forward with a new trade-up program, allowing new TCN customers access to special pricing on infrastructure upgrades, including free inbound calling for two months and call recording tools.

The company doing quite a bit right here, offering both new products to address current customers and special pricing structures to bring in new customers. It might be a good idea to add some price breaks for current customers as well; no one wants customers looking at a bill and wondering why only the new customers get access to the price cuts. Still, it's a small matter to bear the current customers in mind with long-term loyalty-based rewards programs, and those who do should find that new customers come in rapidly and stick around longer as it's clear their business is appreciated.

TCN has delivered a lot of value so far and doesn't look to slow up. With new products and programs for customers, it's working hard to get and keep customers. There's room for improvement—there always is—but what TCN's doing right now seems to be doing the job just fine.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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