Lawful Intercept Workshop Returns to ITEXPO 2016

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Lawful Intercept Workshop Returns to ITEXPO 2016

January 14, 2016

Unlike the physical world, where the number of suspects of a particular crime are limited to one geographical area, in the digital realm there could be tens of thousands of perpetrators from every imaginable part of the world. This has resulted in security being one of the biggest issues for today’s companies, not only for CEOs and CIOs, but everyone within an organization. To help address rising security threats, the 2016 ITEXPO, held from January 25-28 in Fort Lauderdale, FL. is going to host its Lawful Intercept Workshop once again.

Lawful intercept allows law enforcement agencies to carry out electronic surveillance on a target authorized by a judicial or administrative order. There are laws in the books which requires service providers and Internet service providers (ISPs) to support the surveillance that is to be carried out.

We all have heard the complaint large tech companies have voiced regarding this issue, but it is a necessary fact of life in the world we currently live in.

The workshop ITEXPO will conduct is going to provide valuable insights for any organization that has networks delivering voice, data, and Internet services by exploring the challenges and opportunities, along with the growth potential in the Lawful Intercept market.

According to TMC CEO and conference chairman Rich Tehrani, “The Lawful Intercept Workshop not only provides important insight and use cases, but it gives attendees the opportunity to test their knowledge and use investigative techniques learned before they even leave the event.”

There will be several sessions designed to give attendees a comprehensive understanding of Lawful Intercept.

The sessions are:

Lawful Intercept Intro – Lays the foundation of what Lawful Intercept is by outlining the basic concepts and how it applies in the communications industry.

Introduction to National Domestic Communications Assistance Center (NDCAC) – This session looks at the challenges advanced communications services and technologies present, and how the NDCAC makes use of the technical knowledge and resources of law enforcement on issues involving real-time and stored communications. The NDCAC falls under the purview of the Department of Justice (DOJ), and it was established to reinforce the relationship with law enforcement and the communications industry by providing technical knowledge management that will facilitate the sharing of solutions and know-how.

Experiences with Lawful Intercept – This session addresses the importance of the collaboration between the communications industry and law enforcement by going over past experiences gathered from many collaborations. The session will also discuss why and how the collaborations are essential.

 Case Studies: Law Enforcement and Communications Providers Working Together – After understanding the value of the collaborations, this session will introduce speakers with real-world examples of communications providers that have cooperated with law enforcement agencies to apprehend criminals.

How to Catch a Criminal – This session brings it all together and provides a hands-on experience that will let the audience use the investigative techniques they have learned during the workshop to apprehend a drug dealer.

By offering a workshop that educates and then provides practical applications gives attendees what they have learned can be used in real-world scenarios. Teharni went on to say, “We work to create added value to ITEXPO attendees to ensure their time is productive and each person leaves with practical tools.” 

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere

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