Looking for the Best in Call Tracking? Start Here

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Looking for the Best in Call Tracking? Start Here

January 07, 2016

Few walk into a new purchase looking for less than the best. The tradeoff between expense and quality has been a part of the market since the market came into existence.  An understanding of the best tools in any market, therefore, becomes valuable, and recently G2 Crowd released its new rankings of call tracking software to help businesses decide just which route to go.

The G2 Crowd report generated several key findings, starting with the fact that no amount of call tracking would ever fully prevent spam. Adaptations in the field help prevent some spam, but even as call trackers and spam blockers adapt, so too do the spammers, who find ways around the blocks. All of the solutions, even the best, had some degree of issue with spam, and spam call encroachment proved to be the most common complaint of all.

The small and medium-sized business (SMB) market proved the best for call tracking, as 60 percent of all reviewers involved in the study were businesses with 50 or fewer employees. 33 percent came from businesses with 51-1000 employees, the medium-sized market, which means those targeting the SMB market are likely to do best. Just to top it off, 90 percent of reviewers in the market wanted a high-quality customer experience ahead of most anything else, and those solutions that netted lower scores on customer service were less likely to be recommended.

As for the best in overall service, five platforms landed Leader status, making these the best place to start looking for call tracking systems. The platforms in question were CallRail, DialogTech, Invoca, Marchex and SalesLoft. Two other firms, CallTrackingMetrics and Call Box, earned High Performer designations which marked these two as excellent in customer satisfaction, but lower on overall market presence that would have made these two Leaders as well.

Having a list like this on hand certainly can be helpful in winnowing down the choices in a field full of competition, but depending on just one list might be a little bit of a research failure. It's a great place to start looking, but it may be a good idea to consult a few other listings as well, or at least check the review scores to see what people liked and didn't about the experience with these call trackers. Still, it's great to have a place to start, especially given how important call tracking can be in terms of figuring out what works and what doesn't in terms of marketing efforts.

With this list in hand, however, companies have an easier way to break through the static noise of a full field of competitors and land just the right call tracking system for a current operation.

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere

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