TCN Makes a Difference at the Junior Blind of America Organization

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TCN Makes a Difference at the Junior Blind of America Organization

December 21, 2015

In the call center market, more than almost any other market, customer satisfaction is the most important factor a company will track. There are a number of ways in which companies keep customer satisfaction high, and one of the big ones has been making sure employees at a call center are well trained. To that end, TCN has announced its Platform 3 VocalVision solution is helping to improve the training of workers at the Junior Blind of America’s Contact Center. This particular platform helps students learn the skills they need in order to get and keep a job in the call center world.

The platform trains visually impaired students to prepare them for call center jobs. This kind of training platform is working alongside the same lines of other solutions that are geared towards employee engagement. This gets the employees feeling as though their employer cares about them, leading to improved performance. For the visually impaired, feeling as though a company cares about them includes special programs such as the Platform 3 VocalVision which is optimized to work with  the screen reader Job Access With Speech (JAWS), enabling visually impaired students to navigate the cloud-based contact center suite.

The announcement that TCN is working with this school comes alongside a reminder from the National Federation of the Blind that nearly 60 percent of blind or visually impaired people were unemployed in 2013. The number could actually be even higher when you take into account that the number does not include those that have given up on trying to find a job altogether. This kind of training platform is directly geared towards helping drive that number down, starting with the generations just starting to enter the workforce.

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