CTI Group & BroadSoft Collaborate on Proteus Enterprise

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CTI Group & BroadSoft Collaborate on Proteus Enterprise

October 27, 2015

Hosted telephony options are a bigger part of the landscape than ever before, but with this change comes some new issues to address. CTI Group, with a little focus on BroadSoft, may have just the solution afoot, as it introduces the new Proteus Enterprise Multi-Tenant call accounting system.

CTI Group's Proteus Enterprise Multi-Tenant system is geared toward the service provider market, and especially those providers that use the BroadWorks platform from BroadSoft. Those using Proteus Enterprise will find it works not only at the call detail record (CDR) level, but also at the Open Client Interface, Provisioning (OCI-P) level.

With CDR integration, users can log call detail records from BroadWorks and route those results through the included CDR interface. That data can then be used in a database, where BroadWorks tenants can analyze that data securely. OCI-P integration allows for easy provisioning of call accounting services by offering a direct link to account details in Proteus Enterprise to those in BroadWorks, making it simpler to connect the two sets of details and operate from there.

Beyond that, Proteus Enterprise offers top-notch scalability so the service can expand or contract as necessary to fit a company's needs. It's already been handling both high tenant volumes and millions of CDRs daily, so it should fit well into the operation that calls for its use.

CTI Group's head of products, Trevor Davis, noted “As businesses migrate to hosted telephony solutions they expect their service provider to supply all the business tools that they used with their premise-based PBX. Our latest multi-tenant version of Proteus Enterprise allows service providers to enhance their hosted voice portfolio with the important call accounting function. Their business customers will then benefit from detailed call analysis enabling decisions to be made on capacity planning, productivity improvements, telephony fraud prevention and cost allocation within their business.”

We all know how hosted telephony options are rapidly gaining in the field, and with good reason; that breed of scalable communications with loads of options and potentially even cost savings on top of it is hard to pass up. But hosted telephony can come with its own set of problems, as Trevor Davis noted previously. Protecting against these problems requires vigilance and careful analysis, which is one of the biggest benefits that Proteus Enterprise brings to the table. When call data can be broken down so carefully, it becomes easier to spot discrepancies in the records. Those discrepancies can be signs of trouble in the making, so following up on those signs may prove worthwhile in the end.

CTI Group's Proteus Enterprise should prove a valuable addition to companies putting hosted telephony to work, especially if those companies are also using BroadWorks. It may not be the solution for everyone, but where it works at all, it should work well. 

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere

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