Call Recording Week in Review: 800response, NSA, TCN

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Call Recording Week in Review: 800response, NSA, TCN

August 01, 2015

This week’s call-recording related headlines spanned new product offerings, to NSA rulings and an award.

800response, which provides custom vanity phone numbers for businesses to help gain more calls, leads and sales, has announced it improved call tracking and call monitoring capabilities of it offers.

The new upgrades include stereo recording with speaker separation so calls can be more clearly monitored as well as a new filter that sorts recorded calls by duration to sift through data more easily.

While certainly beneficial for businesses, not all call recordings are a welcome thing. For the NSA, hot water over not only the recording, but the storing of phone data from people in the U.S. has made headlines since it was first uncovered. Now, NSA will stop taking mass amounts of mobile phone data. This will begin on November 29and was part of a careful consideration of the practice. There will still be access for analytic and other reasoning however.

For businesses that are required by law to record phone calls, the latest challenge has been to include mobile devices in that mix. Luckily most smartphones today – whether running on iOS or Android, already come loaded with various apps to make call recording possible.

Finally, to honor the innovation offered by cloud call center provider TCN, CUSTOMER Magazine recently awarded the company with a 2015 Contact Center Technology Award for its flagship call center suite, Platform 3.0.

“It is an honor to see TCN’s Platform 3.0 recognized as an innovative technology that has helped significantly improve customer service within the contact center industry,” said Terrel Bird, CEO and co-founder of TCN. “We are always in search of ways to enhance our offerings and will continue to do so, largely based on feedback from customers and the evolving needs of the industry.”

The cloud-based offering makes it easier to connect with customers and agents and comes loaded with necessary features like IVR, analytics and call recording needed to succeed in today’ call center.
That’s all for this week. Check back for all the latest in Call Recording news as it happens. Until next week…

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