Call Recording Week in Review

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Call Recording Week in Review

March 15, 2014

Call recording continues to be a prominent technology in the business world. This week, call recording was included as a feature in many new product announcements, providing unique benefits such as agent training, quality assurance monitoring and customer feedback data. Let’s take a look at some of the products advancing call recording technology released this week.

Recordense is an app now available for Android devices from Google Play. This app was designed for audio recording, not dictation, which means it works well for real-life situations that need to be documented, such as phone calls, meetings and other audio-heavy arenas. The app lets users mark and tag any part of a recording in real time. The app’s simple interface makes it simple to get up and running quickly, with a big red record button that gets the user started. Users can tag as they record, and each tag can have a category, which makes it easy to find key parts of the recording again. Recordings also can be sorted by categories.

Meanwhile, CounterPath Corporation announced this week that it has entered into a distribution and licensing agreement with Gryphon Networks. The new capabilities offered by CounterPath’s Bria solution include call recording and playback, data entry and campaign management. Gryphon’s solutions are now also compatible with various devices such as iPad, iPhone, Blackberry and Android devices. The Bria solution thus allows Gryphon to integrate custom branding options to its mobile apps while adding several other advantageous features.

Voxox, a provider of unified cloud communication solutions, also announced the signing of a distribution agreement and the formation of a strategic partnership with Lenovo. Under the terms of the agreement, Voxox’s embedded icon will enable Lenovo’s customers to gain access directly from laptops to Voxox’s feature-rich, low-cost global communication app. The app offers calling, call forwarding, call recording, global texting, electronic faxing, sharing of video, photo, contact and location information as well as instant two-way language translation, and voicemail transcription capabilities.

And while these companies and more are jumping on the call recording bandwagon and adding it as a feature to their products, call recording is making headlines in a very different arena: politics. Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his party are facing allegations of corruption based on a series of recorded phone calls that have emerged over the past few weeks. These events are a stark reminder of the delicacy with which call recording should be handled. While call recording holds people accountable in a business setting, it is changing the way we define privacy when making personal calls.

There’s always plenty to talk about in the call recording space, with new developments happening all the time. Be sure to check back here regularly for all the latest news in the industry. 

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