Wedding Planners Make Bridal Business More Efficient with eFax, eVoice

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Wedding Planners Make Bridal Business More Efficient with eFax, eVoice

May 03, 2013

With the weather warming up, millions of lovebirds are gearing up to say "I Do" and are enlisting the help of professionals to plan one of the biggest events of their lifetimes. Wedding planners are turning to mobile apps and cloud services, in hopes of easing the planning process and creating a seamless experience for all those involved. Two of the most popular apps are from business cloud service provider j2 Global, Inc.

The first is eFax, an online fax service that enables users to securely send and receive documents such as event contracts and catering agreements without the need of a physical fax machine. Faxes can be sent using a camera on an iOS, Android or mobile device, email attachments or documents stored in the cloud, and can be electronically signed using the app's digitized signature feature. All faxes are stored online in a digital archive, allowing for easy 24/7 access to any document and eliminating the need for wedding planners to have to carry around stacks of papers.

The second is eVoice, a virtual phone system that offers users the ability to choose from a large selection of local or toll-free numbers that can be linked and answered on up to five phones to ensure that a phone call will not be missed. The system also screens calls to make sure high priority calls are attended to in a timely manner, records calls to make sure important information doesn't go unnoticed, and transcribes voicemails to the written word and sends them to the recipient as text messages or emails.

LaVerne Matthews, an event planner and owner of That Special Touch Events, likes how the latter app helps her to maintain a mobilized office.

"I rely on eVoice's automated system and recorded greeting to give my business an extra professional polish, and also ensure all my calls get routed to me while I'm on the road," Matthews said in a statement. "eVoice allows me to be seamless with my clients, and accessible at all times – it really sets my business apart."

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