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VoIP call recording has become more common in recent years, particularly in the case of public safety operations, including 911 emergency services as well as less urgent calls. Particularly in these scenarios, the advantages of recording phone conversations become clear.

Coordinated Systems, a provider of VoIP call recording and workforce optimization solution for contact centers, recently partnerered with Automated Collection Services, Inc. (ACSI), an accounts receivables management company, to implement Virtual Observer Call Insight Speech Analytics in ACSI's headquarter contact center.

Metelco, a value-added distributor of communication software solutions based in Duba, entered into a partnership with Cambridge-based multimedia communication specialist, C3, to add to its existing solutions offering.

Acoustic Technologies - a provider of voice processing solutions - has extended its collaboration with Tensilica Inc. - a licensor of audio/voice digital signal processing (DSP) cores - to deliver a complete wideband HD voice processing solution for smartphones, tablets and other mobile computing devices.

The Department of Justice for the Northwest Territories in Canada has chosen Nexus corrections technology from Lattice Incorporated. The government facility in Northwest Territories will use Nexus technology for call administration and protected communications.

SaaS developer Simkl appeared on the IM horizon in 2007 allowing people to backup and archive their conversations and make them available for searches at a later date. It has now rolled out another new service that pushes it a couple of notches higher in the IM recording landscape- a recording add-on for Skype and Windows Live Messenger.

We all know of police surveillance equipment recording phone calls, but recording calls on your smartphone? How cool is that?

The importance of recording calls in a business environment is often underrated. Although companies do have records of other forms of communication with their customers and associates, call recording is a technology that is gaining prominence only recently. As businesses increasingly start deploying call recording applications, the companies providing this service are registering increases in their sales.

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