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Text messages and e-mails are an effective and popular way businesses and individuals communicate, but calling someone to say what is on your mind gives a personal touch to your message. Combining e-mails services with a telephony function can improve productivity for companies that depend on sales and service as part of their operations. SYNETY is a cloud software business telephony specialist that helps businesses integrate telecommunications with their existing software.

Recording a call may seem like a violation of privacy, but in the customer service arena, it’s a valuable tool to guarantee quality and even protect in times of dispute. The primary focus, however, is to ensure each customer that interacts with a company receives the highest quality service possible. To that end, the implementation of call quality monitoring brings considerable value to the organization.

Social media has highlighted the importance of customer service and how the right interaction can help organizations retain customers for the long term. Before social media, call centers were the tool companies used to interact with their customers, whether it was to conduct a marketing campaign or to answer the needs of their customers.

A provider of electronic recording services, Simplifile recently established a new partnership with Closers' Choice, a source of closing software for title companies and law firms in the U.S. This partnership incorporates system integration, allowing all Closers' Choice customers to automatically upload and submit land record documents via Simplifile's e-recoding software to almost 800 countries worldwide.

CTI Group, an international provider of e-billing and analytics, call recording and call management solutions, has been providing telephony applications to help service providers, resellers or enterprise customers support their business.

CTI Group (Holdings) Inc. a developer of telecommunications solutions for fixed, mobile and converged communications, has recently released PBX Control, a new enhancement to the Proteus range of call accounting applications.

Retell, a U.K.-based call recording hardware and software manufacturer, today launched a new hosted mobile phone recording solution designed to make mobile call recording a more realistic option for small businesses and single handset users, by way of an affordable price point. The solution also increases its value by including a GPS system that allows businesses to track worker movement, for improved security and efficiency.

Over the last decade and a half, the VoIP communications industry has come on the scene exceeding even the most optimistic projections. Today, organizations large and small are replacing analog systems at impressive rates, and VoIP calls now exceed analog call volume by double-digit percentages.

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